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Inspired Ideas: Garden Seating

Written by Rosa Hinton

This month our design team share their insights into seating for the garden. Here you’ll find some inspiration of the different ways seating can be used – with a mix of projects that we have designed over the years…

All gardens should provide a place to sit and contemplate, whether that’s a bench, bean bag or hammock. Simply looking out of the window at a bench can help you imagine yourself sitting there amongst the planting and encourage you to get up and go out.

This bench placement is the perfect example of a visual incentive to go out into the garden
Not all seating has to be square! Round seating works well for communal areas, like this London roof terrace

We like to position seating in key areas, sometimes where planting gives protection and privacy, and always where there is a good view of the surrounding space allowing for relaxation or providing somewhere to sit and talk. Having tall planting nearby, or putting in raised beds helps to further connect people with nature.

The seating on this roof terrace is tucked amongst the raised beds, giving a feeling of being surrounded by greenery
Some seating can be sleek and simple - like the benches we used in one of the courtyards at Addenbrooke's Hospital
A variety of seating types works well at the poolside
Corner seating is particularly effective for creating the perfect entertaining space on this roof terrace
This large London roof terrace features both a bar and lounge seating area
The view from the seating should be carefully considered, this is a good example of how it can work well

July 8, 2020