Bowles & Wyer

Welcome to the Hort Academy – our pioneering training programme for landscape and horticultural professionals. Open to everyone at Bowles & Wyer, it offers hands-on, practical learning that’s flexible enough to fit in with busy lives and structured enough to build real knowledge and knowhow.

We founded the Hort Academy because we’re committed to all of our team building successful careers. We know that when they realise their potential and thrive, so does our business – when they do good, we do well too. But we’ve also been careful not to lose the joy of horticulture – we want everyone at Bowles & Wyer to share our passion for creating and tending stunning landscapes.

We’ve created our curriculum so there’s something for everyone. For gardeners in our professional care team it’s designed to foster a deep knowledge of plants and how to nurture and tend them. For designers and landscape architects it builds firm foundations in horticulture that can only benefit their work.

Whatever your experience, skills and ambitions, the Hort Academy from Bowles & Wyer offers unique access to valuable professional knowledge and accessible, lifelong learning.