Bowles & Wyer

5 questions with…

Written by Rosa Hinton

Here we’ll feature a 5 question interview with one of our team – whether it’s one of our internal designers or trusted external contractors. This month we’ve got Chief Executive, John Wyer, in the hotseat…


1. Where do you find inspiration?
From all sorts of unexpected sources, often completely unconnected. That’s sort of how my brain works (unmethodical, in other words!). It mostly seems to be when I am cycling or driving. Plus of course in the shower, as everyone else does!


2. What’s your favourite landscape?
I love the Gardens of Bomarzo in Italy, also known as the Sacro Bosco. It’s a weird collection of renaissance sculptures in a magical woodland. In the UK, I adore the exotic-but-wild south coast of Cornwall.


3. What are you working on now?
I am (honestly) working on future strategy. I’m trying to ‘tweak’ our strategy for a post-COVID world. Apart from that, two roof garden projects with the design department, a couple of country gardens with an existing client, and an ongoing project in Hampstead.


4. What’s the best part of your job?
Talking to people. I meet some really interesting people from all walks of life. I also love regularly catching up with everyone at B&W.


5. What made you go into landscape to start with?
I was always interested in buildings and landscapes. From an early age I liked growing things, but also drawing imaginary gardens and buildings. When I discovered landscape architecture existed as a career, I thought it had been invented for me…


July 8, 2020