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The Do’s and Don’ts of Garden Design

Written by Rosa Hinton

Our design team share their do’s and don’ts of how to design your garden – from the overall concept down to the planting! Read on to discover our expert advice…

DON’T fall into the trap of overusing evergreen material in your planting scheme. We believe that seasonality is king in a garden – and one of the joys of having an outdoor space is to discover what is new, and what has changed since you last looked!

DON’T feel that you have to slavishly follow the edges of your plot. Why not create a new geometry to bring in some interest? You can make shapes unique to the garden, but don’t forget to make sure that it works with your property’s architecture too.

DO make curves with purpose if you’re using them in your garden design. And be sure to give them direction – wavy and wobbly curves can often end up looking aimless and weak.

DO spend time on the planning stages of your garden. Learn where the sun hits throughout the day and then plan around that. For example – you could make areas to enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea, and even a gin and tonic according to where you can make the most of the sun at different times.

DON’T be too tidy! You might be surprised to hear a garden designer advise this, but wildlife thrives on the natural debris that builds up in gardens. If every dropped leaf is tidied up, your garden will be poorer for it.

DO try and incorporate a water feature in your garden somewhere. Even if it’s as simple as a steel bowl filled with rainwater, birds will love it and it’s a delight to watch the merest breeze make ripples on the surface.

DON’T insist on having a lawn, especially in a small garden – there are lots of other interesting ideas to make the most of your space. And avoid fake grass – think about alternatives in terms of paving and planting instead.

If you’re feeling inspired to develop your garden – we’d be delighted to help with our expert team of garden designers, builders and skilled horticulturists. You can find out more here!

April 27, 2022