Bowles & Wyer

Stay Curious

Written by John Wyer

John Wyer explores how inspiration is driven by curiosity in his latest blog…

Get up, shower, have breakfast, work, have lunch, go for a walk, work, cook, have dinner, watch TV, clean teeth, bed.

Rinse and repeat.


Lie in bed thinking about how the wind is the main way of redistributing the sun’s energy,

get up,

draw the curtains and look at the pattern the wind makes on the surface of the pond,


while in the shower, wonder what it is about dog genetics that makes them come in so many different shapes and sizes,

have breakfast,

reading an article about rewilding in the paper and consider how widely the principle can be applied,


meanwhile getting distracted about a piece in Dezeen on an amazing house on the Chilean coast – make a note to contact a colleague in Santiago,

have lunch,

listen to son’s latest composition,

go for a walk,

look at the amazing shapes of the clouds and think that if clouds only appeared in one part of the world, people from all over the planet would flock to see them,


reflect on why it is that people like topiary – is it the sense of order imposed on chaos, or is it the simple geometry and shapes that attract people?,


something I haven’t made before, while listening to a podcast of the bottom line on the satellite industry,

have dinner,

getting into a lively debate with the family on gender politics,

watch TV,

‘Your Garden Made Perfect’ then ‘The Sopranos’ – muse on the irony of Tony Soprano saying indignantly to his therapist that of course he doesn’t beat his kids,

clean teeth, bed,

read a book – I normally have about four on the go and perhaps unsurprisingly it takes me ages to get through them.


Tomorrow will be different. Stay curious, inspiration comes from unexpected sources.

March 16, 2021