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Look forward to the Hort Academy

Written by Rosa Hinton

We’re excited to announce that we’re officially launching the Hort Academy today – our pioneering training programme for landscape and horticultural professionals.

We’ve been working on Hort Academy behind the scenes for a couple of years now, creating a curriculum that’s relevant to all sorts of people. For gardeners working in our professional care team it’s designed to foster a deep knowledge of plants and how to nurture and tend them. For designers and landscape architects, it offers a firm foundation in horticulture that can only benefit their work.


We’ve also been focussed on the fact that it’s too easy for formal education to suck all the joy out of a subject. As passionate gardeners ourselves we’re determined that our academy is always fun, stimulating and individually rewarding. And it’s not all about the classroom either – there’s an equal amount of hands-on practice, and a lot of self guided learning too – keeping it accessible, whatever your learning style or circumstances.


Jeff Stephenson, who is leading the Academy, comments, ‘For several years, I’d looked around the industry to see what sort of supplementary training was available, which would be beneficial to my gardening staff. After realising that outside of full and part-time horticultural college courses, there was a considerable lack of appropriate training available, I decided that it would be more productive to begin crafting my own.’

So why are we doing this? Well like many in our industry, we’re fully committed to ensuring gardening, landscapes and horticulture are viewed as credible, professional careers. And as a business, we’ve always looked forward – so that’s why we’re proud to be pioneering a unique training programme that’s of real value to us, our clients, and to our employees’ careers.


So Hort Academy is open to everyone at Bowles & Wyer – we’re investing time, money and resources in the academy because we passionately believe it’s the right thing to do. We want our business to create great gardens and be successful, but we also want our people to grow and thrive too. So our academy is here to make sure that when Bowles & Wyer do well, so do all of our people.


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November 6, 2019