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How to landscape around a pool

Written by Rosa Hinton

With summer in full swing, our design team share their insights on landscaping around a pool area…

Whilst the idea of landscaping around a pool area might fill many with dread, our design team share some key points to consider in the design process. First up, planting! When it comes to planting around a pool area, your choices will really depend on how exposed the pool is. In sunny but breezy spots, grasses work really well – the feathery fronds look good at all times of year, especially in the late summer when the pool is likely to get a lose of use, and they create very little leaf litter!

Taller multi-stemmed shrubs work well when combined with groundcover – evergreens such as Osmanthus are a good example. The key is to avoid plants that produce lots of leaf or flower debris – so we would advise to steer clear of blossoming trees and birches! Lavender, Nepeta and similar scented plants can make a lovely surround to paved pool areas.

Of course, choosing your materials is just as important. Smooth, non-slip paving is best – we tend to use sawn natural stone, as cheaper riven stone has nasty toe-stubbing ridges! It’s best to stick to mid-tones, as dark paving can get very hot underfoot; and white or near-white paving can often become dazzling in bright sunlight!

A good tip is to get the pool copings manufactured from the same material as the paving – instead of using the ubiquitous off-the-shelf cast ones. It adds a little to the cost but makes a huge difference to the appearance!

Whilst we’ve covered some key elements to consider, we’d be delighted to help further with your project. You can find out a little more about what we offer here!

August 9, 2022