Bowles & Wyer

A Day In the Life…

Written by Rosa Hinton

The latest in our series of blogs about the people in our business – find out about how we work and what makes us tick, and learn more about the talent behind Bowles & Wyer.

A day in the life of… Sam Campbell.


What’s your job role at Bowles & Wyer?

Estimator / Box Lifter / Afternoon Tea Boy


How long have you been working here?

Just shy of 3 years now.


What time did you get up this morning?

7am, that’s one of benefits of living close to the office.


What did you have for breakfast?

Eggs and a cup of coffee.


What was the first thing you did when you got to the office or site this morning?

Opened the door!


What does your work day typically consist of? 

My day generally starts with a cup of tea (let’s face it, I work in an office, this is now a big part of the day!). Then I’ll answer emails, talk to suppliers & designers that I’m working with at the time, drink tea, add new enquires and upload documents to workspace, place orders, print and file new enquires, drink tea, draw up PowerPoint presentations, prepare tender packages and send them off to sub-contractors, drink tea, carry out material take-off’s from drawings, lift boxes, make tea, answer the phone, drink tea, tenders…budgets…ballpark figures and everything to do with pricing work. All that in just 8 hours!


What’s your favourite part of your job?



What’s your least favourite element of your job?

Working in the office means I miss the fresh air of the outdoors.


What’s your favourite snack in the office or on site?

I like them all – this is part of the problem and the reason I run.


How do you spend a typical evening after work?

If I’m not out running, then you’ll probably find me at home being bossed around by my cat Trevor (those who have cats will understand, it’s nice that he lets me live with him).

January 6, 2020