What is Landscape Architecture?

What is Landscape  Architecture


Landscape architecture is when a landscape architect designs an exterior environment, such as a park or garden. It typically includes the installation of walls, structures, buildings or roads.

For example, a grand country estate in England would be a place where you’ll find exceptional examples of landscape architecture. However, it’s also used in much smaller environments, such as back or front gardens, giving houses or commercial buildings more charm and appeal.

Landscape architecture is all about making the outside of a home or business as pleasing as the inside and the key to better landscape architecture is choosing the right provider. Lots of companies and individuals offer this service to their valued clientele, but what sets them apart is their portfolio.

Factors include climate, amount of space, budget of clients and client preferences. If you want expert landscape design, finding a landscape architect who listens to you and acknowledges your needs is essential. Additionally, this type of professional should have the right credentials and years of experience.

How to Select the Right Provider

These days, the power of the World Wide Web makes it so simple for home or business owners to find exceptional landscape architects. Adding the term “landscape architecture” to Google, plus your town or city name, should garner some interesting and varied results. We advise checking out the first four architects or companies that show up in Google results. These individuals and companies get a lot of traffic online and are regarded as an authority in their field, that’s why they’ve been ranked so highly by Google.

Next, visit their websites in order to check credentials. Look at portfolios of landscape design and generally get a sense of what each person or company has to offer. You probably won’t find price lists, as most landscape architects work after giving customised quotes for services. If you’re interested in getting a quote, submit an enquiry via the contact page of your preferred website/s.

Before contacting any company, you may want to take a moment to look for customer reviews and testimonials. Finding feedback is key to selecting a provider that offers exceptional design services to real-life customers. Most established firms will have a lot of reviews and it goes without saying that you should choose a company which has achieved strong rankings and positive comments. Avoid those that get a lot of complaints!

Once you’ve chosen a landscape architect, you’ll be able to sit down with the person and talk about what you want. If you need direction, a professional of this type will be able to give it to you.


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