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The trend that refuses to go away when it comes to your home is 'modern'. Clean lines, sparkling granite, lots of white and wide, airy spaces are some of the features that regularly make up a modern home interior. But did you know that these factors can be used to modernise your garden as well? A modern garden is characterised by contemporary features, such as simple Asian-inspired structures and builds, geometric shapes and light, natural materials.

There are all sorts of tips and tricks that you can use to maximise your garden's potential and make and establish it as a modern garden. From metal sculptures that add stunning flourishes to open spaces, to artificial grass for a truly polished finish. To help you on your way to your stunning new garden space, below is our handy guide to 5 top tips that will help you to achieve a sleek and stylish, modern garden.

Tip 1 Use multiple flooring types to create sleek lines

One of the best tips for creating a simple, modern garden space is combining your flooring, making really strong, clean lines. Any materials that are light and natural will look great with each other. Try decking in light woods, with a sharp, straight gravel path right down the middle. For extra modern style points, you can make the gravel path slightly wider and dot Asian plants down the middle.

Tip 2Try dual colour fencing

Another way to inject some modern fun into your outdoor space is to use different colour stains to create a two-tone pattern on your garden wall. Horizontal lines work better for this than vertical lines, so consider trying a horizontal fence. Then, using just two different tones of stain, every other slat can be varnished so that it's darker, to create a striped effect. This will make your fence look more like a feature wall, adding depth and interest.

Tip 3Glass creates areas, whilst keeping the space open

A brilliant way to create an intimate seating area in a modern garden is to use glass to create enclosed areas. Inside these areas, you can have modern light and airy furniture and plants in a single shade of green. This will give you a special area for nights with your loved ones, whilst allowing them to look out on the rest of your landscape.

Tip 4Avoid too many plant colours

A modern garden shouldn't be fussy, so it's a great idea to limit the amount of colour through flora in the space. Stick to lush greens and pure, organic whites for a really striking look. These colours will sit perfectly with your natural theme and look particularly stunning against wood features.

Tip 5Invest in a water feature

When not done properly, a water feature can look cheap. However, when executed perfectly, it adds sophistication to one's garden quite like no other design element can. As with the rest of your garden, try to keep to natural materials: stone works really well. For a professional finish, you shouldn't be able to see any plastic parts of the feature at all.

These five tips to a modern garden should spark some ideas for your space to come alive. Nothing is more relaxing and more ambient than the pure beauty of nature. The great benefit to a modern garden is that the simplicity makes it timeless, so a expertly-designed modern garden can add significant value to your property. So, if you have or desire a modern home look, nothing complements it better than a truly modern garden.

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