How You Can Design A Great Garden

Design a great garden

You have it within your power to take a normal plot of land and turn it into your own little paradise. All that stops this from happening is you developing a plan regarding what you want. Design can be a challenging project but the effort is always worth it. Below is a brief guide regarding how you can design a great garden, one step at a time.

1. List What You Want

You first step is to consider the space you have and write down what you want to do with it. Do you want a fountain? Will the borders of the garden be square and block-like or follow a more organic look? What is the soil quality like and how much sun does your space get? All of these considerations will influence what you should do. Remember, while some things are harder to do with the wrong soil, light, or area, they can still be possible with a little creativity and careful planning.

2. Create A Sketch & Material List

Reviewing the list of things you want, try to sketch out the land that you have. Sketch the shape of the garden you will want, and mark out what materials you will be using. Will the beds for the garden be raised? Will there be some type of top cover? What will the borders be made out of? Answering these questions will help you get a better sense for what the material list will end up being. With a material list and a sketch that is relatively accurate when it comes to distances, you can plot out your full material list and cost all in advance.

3. Plot When You Will Be Working

What season do you plan to do the garden work in? For many places, winter makes the ground a challenge to work with, while the summer or Autumn may mean limited time for plants to get grounded and strong before the winter comes. Understand that doing a garden yourself will take some time and plan it out accordingly so that you can rent equipment and get work done before your deadline.

Considering A Landscape Architect Or Garden Designer

While you can always do it yourself, you should strongly consider getting a garden designed. Experts such as us will help you design something that is bound to impress. Working one on one, we can walk you through every step of the process, saving you time and money as a result. Speak to our team.


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