Splish-splash – update


Peaceful times...

Well for those of you who have been asking for updated photos of the swimming pond, here they are. I did have a few complaints about the plastic chairs in the final photos. In my defence, I have to say that we had 40 people coming for a party, seating for only 10 outside and a ready supply of chairs at the community garden – what is a man to do? the weather has delivered in spades in the last few weeks, we could hardly have expected such wonders. After one or two (minor) wobbles, the water has been crystal clear.

For me the reflections in the water are what it is all about - that and the swimming!

There has been nothing better after a hot day in the office/on site/in the car to come home to a cooling dip.

View from the timber deck...

My youngest has been transformed from doing not a lot in front of the television to 40 lengths a day. And today, after spending most of the day in a seminar on building information model software followed by a stint on emails, I came back to a calm flat body of water at a soothing 23 degrees. Better still, as I swam, a swift dipped down in front of me and scooped up some water, a dragon fly scooted past and a profound sense of calm settled over me. For me, other than the reflections in the water (which I go on about ad nauseum), sharing the pool with everything else is a joy. I am sure that to some people, the odd newt or insect is one too many, but I love it.

Butomus umbellatus just coming into flower - a delight!

The marginals have really taken off. The Butomus is starting to flower, as are the water lillies; the water forget-me-nots have been a delight. The only downside has been the lawn, which has really struggled in the hot weather, although the mole-mesh has worked a treat – although the borders are filled with moles hills, not a murmur on the lawn – truce! Best of all is the sense of calm and delight every time I look at it. Although I have to admit, this is a very expensive sense of calm.


5 responses on “Splish-splash – update

  1. Fanny Obadia

    Stunning! Who cares about expensive? Just in “peace of mind” you will amortize the cost! Plus the bonus of your family staying fit. With those reflections I’d be in that water All The Time!

    Enjoy and share.


  2. Cherise Haslam

    This design is beautiful, John – I love the idea of natural swimming pools and would love to have one myself one day. Where I live in hot, dry Perth, Western Australia, we have a plague of chlorinated pools and without a pool cover (now mandatory), the evaporation rate here without can be up to 75% in summer. Maybe if more people saw such lovely designs like this one they may be interested in constructing one themselves. On that note, would you mind if I put this pic and links for your post on my blog? I think it might inspire some innovation.. Cheers, Cherise Haslam

    1. John Wyer Post author

      Cherise – lovely to hear your comments from Perth – a city I have always wanted to visit. Believe it or not, it is pretty hot here at the moment: around 30degC, although the evaporation is not too bad; we are losing around 30-35mm a week. We did give safety a lot of thought. Our children are teenagers or 20s now, but we have friends and relatives with younger children. The shelved areas mean that it is really quite difficult to get into the deeper water from the lawn, meaning that if we wanted to close off the access to the deck area and path at either end we could do that and still keep the views. Please do put a link on your blog, I would be delighted. There is a very good garden design/landscape design conference in Australia every year – do you ever go?

      1. Cherise Haslam

        Hi John, so sorry I haven’t replied to your lovely email for at least 6 months, I only just discovered it.
        Yes I do go to the Design Conference as often as I can which is usually in Melbourne. However our Design Association WALDA just had our own Design Conference last year which was a huge success. I’m off tomorrow to Melbourne for DESIGNFEST, a weekend for garden gluttony where we visit the about 20 of Melbourne’s top garden designers’ gardens (both clients and personal). It’s all not for profit and should be wonderful. Hope all is well over there for you.
        Cheers, Cherise Haslam GARDEN DEVA

        1. John Wyer Post author

          Just had a look at the WALDA Facebook page (and yours) looks great! Good luck with DesignFest. We are mega-busy at the moment with work (which is good, right?); also I have been speaking at a lot of conferences and shows recently so will be glad of a break! Last two of the season are next week – that’s it then until March2015! I will let you know if I am coming down under. Did you ever put link on your blog?

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