Best Plants for a UK Garden

If you're interested in creating a UK-based garden which pleases the eye and makes the grounds of your home pleasant and serene, you'll do well to choose plants which are ideal for the UK's climate and conditions. Today, we'd like to share information about some plants which are ideal for United Kingdom gardens.


Two Fine Choices for Springtime

Lungwort "Diana Clare" is also known as Pulmonaria and it features leaves which are elongated and silvery. The leaves feature an apple green share which is the perfect contrast for deep purple blossoms. This plant should be placed where it is partly shady and it will grow to two feet in length.

Another great choice for a spring garden is Bishop's Hat. It has stems which are wiry, yet graceful, as well as blossoms which have two shades of yellow petals. The plant's leaves have a pleasing heart shape and a nice sheen. This plant is very sturdy and grows to a height of two feet.


Two Pretty Summer Garden Options

Add a little colour to your summer garden by planting Allium "Purple Sensation". It flowers during May and features heads which are purple and globe-like. This plant has a nice vertical line and it's great for following up tulips. As well, it's easy to cultivate and care for. Allium grows to a height of about three feet.

Another attractive plant is Rose "Goldfinch". It's a rambler-style plant which hardly produces any thorns and it blossoms years, with gorgeous flowers that range in hue from apricot to pale cream. This plant will look great on fences, walls and pergolas and it grows to a height of thirteen feet.


What About Autumn and Winter?

Daises are nice choice for Autumn, if a bit expected. Another interesting choice for autumn is the Orpine "Purple Emperor", which features flattened heads with small, true-red "stars" which top hardy stems and are flanked by crimped leaves in a fascinating mixture of brown and deep violet.

For winter, consider planting the Rosebud Cherry "Autumnalis Rosea". It has pretty petals in pale pink and darker branches which provide plenty of welcome contrast. This plant will flower during November, December, January and February. It grows to a height of twenty-five feet.


Plan Your UK Garden Today

These are just suggestions. We divided them into categories, by season, in order to make things easier for you. Now that you know the best plants for a UK garden, you'll be able to plan the layout of your garden today. If you’d like to arrange a discussion about how we can transform your garden get in touch.

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